Vocabulary Words


Storytown Vocabulary Words

Storytown is our reading series. With each week's Storytown lesson, there are new vocabulary words for students to learn to read. Some of these vocabulary words will also be spelling words. Students need to practice reading these words. It would benefit them greatly to learn to immediately recognize these words without having to sound them out. This will help students to independently read their leveled books and text books with more ease and less frustration.

     Vocabulary Words

1  help, le
t's, now
2  in, no, too
3  get, hold, home, so, soon
4  late, oh, yes
5  find, much, thanks
6  how, make, some, of
7  day, eat, first, said, time, was
8  don't, her, line, Mr., new, says, water
9  be, does, food, grow, live, many
10  arms, every, feet, head, school, use, way, your
11  animals, cold, fish, from, their, under, very
12  came, could, gold, happy, made, night, saw, were
13  air, fly, friends, grew, need, play, rain, watch
14  again, feel, house, know, loud, Mrs., put, say
15  about, books, family, name, people, read, work, writing
16  always, by, cows, join, nice, please, room
17  buy, carry, money, other, paint, paper, would
18  mouse, our, over, pretty, surprise, three
19  dear, door, hurry, mother, should, sky, told
20  cool, dry, four, holes, move, place, warm
21  around, found, gone, hears, might, near, open, tired
22  because, light, right, those, walked
23  brown, city, hello, loudly, love, pulled
24  become, busy, eyes, high, listen, talk, visitor
25  clear, color, good-bye, hair, kinds, only, toes
26  climbed, Earth, fooling, thought, table
27  answered, baby, done, heard, pools, pushed, together
28  able, almost, blue, great, poured, took, traveled
29  boy, building, tomorrow, toward, welcoming
30  any, front, nothing, ready, sorry

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