Behavior Management


Classroom and School-Wide Rules

Be Safe.  Be Respectful.  Be Responsible.

In order for all children in our class to learn, we need rules and guidelines to follow.  Without this structure, the behavior of some children may distract others, prohibiting them from learning.  It is extremely important that students understand and abide by our 3 school rules.  Please go over these rules and terms with your child to help reinforce the discussions we will have in class.  Ask them what it means to be responsible, respectful, and safe.  Give them examples of each:  be a good listener, keep our hands to ourselves, raise our hands to speak, be a good friend to all. 

All behavior expectations are explicitly taught ahead of time using Boys Town Social Skills Cards and Procedures.

School-wide positive reinforcement: Blumfield Elementary has several levels of reinforcement for positive behavior.  Students can receive many of these reinforcements from any staff member in the building, not just from their homeroom teacher. 

Blumfield Tokens:  Students are rewarded with tokens for displaying appropriate behavior.  Students can save up their tokens and purchase items at our Blumfield store. 

Blumfield Walk of Champions:  Every month, students are selected from each classroom to walk in our champion’s parade. Students chosen have displayed safe, respectful, and responsible behaviors in class for the month and they have demonstrated leadership qualities. Students also receive and award and a small prize from the office.

Classroom Positive Reinforcement
At various times throughout the year, the following classroom rewards may be observed as well:

Class incentive parties: As a classroom, we will also work together to fill a jar with cubes.  Once we have filled our jar to the top, we will celebrate by having a class reward/party.  Students will get the jar filled during times when the entire class is working together, on task, and ready to learn. 

Behavior Cards:  Students that demonstrate positive behaviors and end the day still on their green card will get a hole punched on their behavior card. At the end of each month, every student that has been on green 80% of the time (and has 80% of their behavior card hole-punched) will get to participate in our monthly behavior card celebration.  Examples of rewards/celebrations I may use are:  stuffed animal day, doughnut/juice, free recess, popcorn/movie, toy day, eating lunch in the classroom, dance party, etc.

By rewarding positive behaviors, I am hoping to send the message to my students that I do notice and appreciate their efforts.  It is also my intention to make students aware of the types of behaviors that I like and want to see in my room.   

I will always give students several warnings and opportunities to correct inappropriate school behaviors.  I follow Boys Town Behavior Correction Procedures and Guidelines:  Share a positive, explain the inappropriate behavior that was witnessed, review the appropriate behavior that should be used to replace the inappropriate behavior, state a reason for using appropriate behavior, and practice.  I give students several opportunities to practice the appropriate school behaviors they have been taught.  If a student still continues to disregard the rules, a logical consequence for his/her actions will follow.

Parents will be notified when behaviors have become disruptive.  Inappropriate student behaviors are documented (using our school-wide behavior forms) and submitted to the office.  

At various times throughout the school year, the following discipline practice may be observed as well:

Behavior Chart:  Each student starts the day on green.  When a student is not following our school rules, he/she will receive a verbal warning.  Appropriate changes are reviewed with the student.  If the student continues to disregard the rules, the student will be asked to move the yellow card to the front of his/her name.  This is a warning and it means that the student needs to slow down and make a change. Appropriate changes are discussed again.  If inappropriate behaviors continue to persist, the student will now move a red card to the front of his/her name.  The student will now owe a consequence for his/her actions.  For example, if a student is unable to sit on the floor quietly with the class, he/she will be moved to a chair.  If a student is not using materials responsibly, he/she will be removed from the activity.  Students may also have 5-10 minutes taken off of their recess/center time.

*Students that receive a yellow card can move back to a green card if they make appropriate changes after their initial warning and demonstrate safe, respectful, responsible behaviors for the rest of the day.

*Students that end the day on a yellow or red card will not receive a hole punch at the end of the day.  Remember, each student must have 80% of their card punched in order to receive a reward at the end of each month!


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