Classroom Expectations

bee 2Classroom Expectations:

Blumfield's rules state that all students will be safe, respectful, and responsible. I have these same expectations in my classroom. You can see below what it means to your student to be safe, respectful, or responsible:

Be Safe
  • Always walk in our room
  • Push in your chair when you get up
  • Be careful when you put our chair on your desk at the end of the day.
Be Respectful
(think of others)
Teachers and other adults
  • Listen and focus on what they are saying
  • Follow directions right away
  • Be honest
Other students
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself
  • Be helpful
  • Be honest
  • Be quiet during work times
  • Be sure to treat people the way you want to be treated
Be Responsible
(do what you are expected to do)
  • Be quiet when someone else is talking
  • Do your work the best that you can
  • When you get a paper, write your first and last name and number on it.
  • Keep your desk organized

bee 1Homework Policy:
At this point in 2nd grade we do not send home daily homework. We do, however, send home a weekly "Spelling Bee" sheet and we would like each student to read each night.  Here are the expectations for each:

"Spelling Bee" Sheet:
  • Study each evening Monday-Thursday
  • After studying, student will color in one bee wing and parent will initial the bee
  • Return the sheet on Friday to receive a token
  • Receive two tokens if the sheet is returned on Friday and ALL the wings are colored
  • Read for about 20 minutes--Either the student reads or someone reads to them
  • If the student is reading, make sure they are reading a book that is not too difficult (they can read a whole page with 3 or less mistakes)

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