Classroom Expectations and Procedures

Behavior Expectations and Procedures:

Students are always expected to follow our three school rules:
Be Safe
Be Respectful
Be Responsible

In order to help promote these rules, third grade uses a rainforest based behavior system.  Students will each have “badges” that will progress from red, to yellow, to green.  Once a student has received 30 stickers on a badge, he/she will graduate to the next color, which will entitle new privileges.  Once the green badge is received and has been filled with 30 stickers, students will choose an additional reward from a list of options.

If any problems arise, students will fill out a “log” indicating the type and severity of the offense.  The offenses will begin with green, then yellow, then red.  If a red log is acquired, parent contact will be made, a copy of the log will be made and sent home, and the log needs to be signed by a guardian.

Academic Expectations:

Students are expected to participate during whole group, small group, and individual instruction by offering opinions, ideas, and solutions.  Students are also expected to try their best on all tasks and assignments and to complete these assignments on time.

Homework Policy

Students are expected to study spelling words every night at home, but there is no formal paper to turn in for this assignment. Assignments are given regularly for math, reading, writing, and science/social studies, and students are often allowed time in class to work on these assignments.  If there is not enough time to complete them or if time is not used wisely, students will need to take them home to finish.  Students are expected to turn in completed assignments each morning on the date that they are due.  If the assignment is not turned in, a space log is completed and the assignment will be finished at recess. 

If a student would like extra help on certain assignments, they are welcome to come in before or after school as long as it is arranged with me ahead of time. 

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