Behavior Management

Blumfield School Rules

Be Safe     Be Respectful     Be Responsible

The PBiS schoolwide discipline procedures will be followed in second grade.  

At various times throughout the schoolyear, the following discipline practices may be observed as well:


Control Signals (Stoplight)-  Each student starts the day on green.  When a student is not following our school rules, he/she will be asked to move their name clip to yellow.  This is a warning, and it means the student needs to slow down and make a change.  If the student continues to disregard the rules, he/she will be asked to move their clip to red.  They will now owe a consequence for their actions.  For example, if a student is unable to sit on the floor quietly with the class, he/she will be moved to a chair.  If a student is not using materials responsibly, he/she will be removed from the activity.  Students may also have 5-10 minutes taken off of their recess/center time.  Parents will be notified when behaviors have become disruptive.  Inappropriate student behaviors are documented (using our school-wide behavior forms) and turned in at the office.

**If a student receives a warning and then makes an appropriate change to their behavior, they will receive a chance to move back to green.  If inappropriate behaviors persist, they will move to red. 

Good Behavior Bingo-  Each child receives a Bingo card including rows of pictures of desired behaviors.  When a student demonstrates a desired behavior, I will allow him or her to cover the correlating picture on their Bingo card with a sticker.  A prize is awarded when a BINGO is achieved.

Chance Bucket-  When I observe students displaying good behaviors, I tell them to "Take a chance!"  The student proceeds to write his or her name on a piece of paper and places it in the chance bucket.  At a designated time, I will draw a name out of the bucket and that student will get to pick a prize!  The greater the number of entries a student has in the bucket, the better 'chance' they have of getting their name drawn out.

Counters in a Jar-  When I observe the entire class displaying appropriate behavior, I will put some counters in a jar.  When the jar is filled, the class will receive a prize.

By rewarding positive behaviors, I am hoping to send the message to my students that I do notice and appreciate their efforts.  It is also my intention to make students aware of the types of behaviors that I want to see in my room.

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