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The purpose of homework is to maximize children’s school experience by (1) reinforcing and/or extending classroom learning; (2) building responsibility; (3) developing essential study habits;(4) providing practice time; and (5) strengthening home-school partnerships and communication. Homework should be a regular part of family life. My goal is to assign homework that is flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of learning styles, achievement levels, family circumstances, and outside activities.

Based on research and my experience, I believe that all children should have time for relaxation and free play at home each day. Therefore, I recommend that second graders should not be expected to do more than 30 minutes of homework 3 or 4 days a week. For parents who want their children to spend more time on homework, I recommend reading with their children, engaging in opportunities for learning that occur naturally in day-to-day life, playing educational games, and/or obtaining grade-appropriate workbooks and other instructional materials from teacher supply stores or the internet.

Parents play a central role in framing children’s attitudes about learning, school, and homework. Family schedules should be planned to strike a balance between homework, family activities and the child’s need for relaxation. Depending on their learning styles, motivation, personalities, interest in the content, and family relationships, students will need varying degrees of encouragement, reinforcement and support during homework times. 

Homework will go home on Monday or the first day of the week school is in session. Literacy and reading will be the main focus for homework: however, math worksheets and Family Letters will periodically go home as well.  It is vital that children build up a bank of words, which they can read and spell on sight. Parents can help their child to learn these by practicing them regularly and often.  Spelling tests will take place on Friday morning or the last school day of the week.  Generally, if a school week is 3 days or less, there will be no spelling test.  Please help your child remember to bring their homework folder back to school each week, so that it can be used for the following week's assignments. 

I strongly believe in the value positive support plays in motivating children to develop good study habits.  In my classroom, students are not penalized for not returning homework.  Instead, I do give small rewards, stickers or prizes, for returning homework by the end of the week.  Often parents ask me what they can do at home to facilitate the completion of homework.  Listed below is a list of suggestions to assist parents in helping their children with homework. 


 1) It is important for your child to have a suitable place to carry out their homework activities. 

2) Ensure that your child has basic materials (pencils, paper,scissors, glue, etc.) for homework activities. 

3) Activities may require the help of an adult, and your interest and enthusiasm will certainly encourage your child.

4) Praising your child for their work will show that you value homework.



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