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         Reading is one of the most importantthings your child will learn.  It is a well used, life long skill. There are many ways to help your child improve their reading skills. 

        First,it is important that they hear good reading.  Reading together is a goodway to help them with this.  You could take turns reading aloud at home topractice.  Be sure to sit together so that your child can see the bookpage as you are reading.

        Practiceis also important.  Students need to practice reading, both silently andaloud.  Ideally, students should be reading between 15 and 30 minutes athome everyday.  If students are reading aloud and come to a word theydon't know, it is alright to tell them the word.  Reading at home shouldbe fun, not work.

        Andof course, you want your child to understand what they are reading.  Ioften tell students that if they don't see a picture in their head while theyare reading, they don't understand what they read.  Ask your child to tellyou about what they are reading.            

        Thereare many web sites that offer your child some practice with reading skills. I have placed links to some of those sites as well as a description aboutthem below.  Please contact me if you have any questions regarding yourchild and their reading.

The Scholastic sitehas many game options for practice.  They also have tips for parents. Most games last only 10-15 minutes.  Have fun playing together!

With Mad Libs yourchild gets to create funny stories and then they can practice reading them toyou aloud.  Be ready to giggle together!

This site hasseveral games to help children learn to recognize their alphabet.


         Probably the most important mathskills your child can learn would be their math facts.  Quick answers forthese will help them with all of the concepts they learn in math during theyear.  These are the basic skills necessary for all other math concepts.

            There are many websites that offer your child some practice with their math facts.  I haveplaced links to some of those sites as well as a description about them below. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding your child and whatfacts they should be working on.

These web sites let you choose addition,subtraction, multiplication, or division facts to practice.  Can your childbeat you?

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