Useful Links

Punctuation Paintball- Pick a level. Click on the correct punctuation then click on the part of the sentence that needs changing and fire!

   Review of Sentence and Subject/Predicate - Here are activities dealing with sentences, subjects, and predicates. The activities include flashcards, a word search, a concentration game, and a matching game.

Grammar Rock Mr. Morton -All sorts of fun ways to learn about sentences.

Prefixes Make New Words - Drag and drop the prefixes to complete the words correctly.

Prefix Mix - Working with "Pre" and "Post," prefixes with opposite meanings.

Prefixes Say Plenty - A short slide show followed by an interactive quiz.

Use Context Clues - Select correct meaning of the word from context clues.

   Success With Suffixes - Fill in the blanks with words ending in "er."

   Suffixes Make New Words - Drag and drop the suffix to the correct root word to make a new word.

Suffixes Say A Lot - Pick the best definition of the capitalized word.

Subject and Predicate Review ~
This is a game to help review the difference between complete subjects/predicates, simple subjects/predicates, and compound subjects/predicates

Simple and Compound Sentences
Sentence Sort ~Select the correct type of sentences; simple, compound, or complex

Sentence Structure ~Select correct sentence structure that is underlined in the sentences.

Fact or Opinion
Fact or Opinion ~online quiz

Prepositional Phrases

Clauses, Phrases and Complex Sentences
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