Lesson 11

Lesson 11
Mimicry and Camouflage By Mar Hoff

Reading Skill: Test Structure: Cause and Effect
Genre: Expository Non-Fiction (gives information about a topic) Poetry
Grammar Skill: Common and Proper Nouns
Spelling Skill: Words with VCV

Spelling Words: begin, vanish, bonus, legal, event, moment, motive, native, suburb, mimic, paper, pilot, raven, rival, relish, silent, solar, spider, super, virus
Challenge Words: basis, enemy, balance, chemical, fiber

Vocabulary Words and Example of Usage
predators - Predators are animals that kill and eat other animals.
traits - Traits are particular qualities or characteristics of a person or thing.
lure - If something lures you, it makes you want to go to it, even though it is dangerous or could get you in trouble.
avoid- If you avoid a person or thing, you keep away from that person or thing.
mimic- If you mimic a person or thing, you try to act or look exactly like that person or thing.
obvious- If something is obvious, it is so easily seen or understood that no one has to explain it.
resembles- If one person or thing resembles another, the two look similar to each other.
deceptive- A deceptive person or thing tries to make you believe something that is not true.
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