Lesson 12

Lesson 12
Mountains By Seymour Simon

Reading Skill: Text Structure: Cause and Effect
Genre: Expository Non-Fiction (gives information about a topic)
Grammar Skill: Singular and Plural Nouns
Spelling Skill: Words with Prefixes: re-, un-, non-

Spelling Words: reuse, restart, retell, resend, replace, uncork, unstuck, unannounced, unpleasant, unchain, unfit, nonprofit, nonmetal, recall, nontoxic, unwelcome, reproduce, retrace, uninvited, reapply
Challenge Words: unchanging, unyielding, nonexistent, refinish, reprogram

Vocabulary Words and Example of Usage
eruption - An eruption happens when something bursts through a surface.
depths - The depths of something are its deepest parts.
gradually- Something that happens gradually happens very slowly over time.
revealed - When something is revealed, it was hidden but can now be seen.
contract- To contract means to get smaller by shrinking.
constant- If something is constant, it happens without stopping.
immediate- An immediate event is one that happens right away.
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