Lesson 13

Lesson 13
Fire Storm By Jean Craighead George

Reading Skill: Draw Conclusions
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Grammar Skill: Possessive Nouns
Spelling Skill: Words with Suffixes: -able, -ible, -ness, -ment, -less

Spelling Words: likable, removable, printable, adorable, comfortable, durable, usable, invisible, responsible, darkness, tidiness, silliness, excitement, government, requirement, loneliness, harmless, hopeless, fearless, horrible
Challenge Words: wilderness, feasible, irritable, relentless, advertisement

Vocabulary Words and Example of Usage
treacherous- Something treacherous is dangerous and unpredictable.
drudgery- Drudgery is hard, unpleasant, boring work.
plunge- If you plunge into something, you rush into it suddenly.
smoldering-  Something smoldering is burning slowly from the inside, without flames.
altered- When something has been altered, it has been changed.
coffed - If you scoffed at something, you spoke about it in a mocking or critical way.
skeptically - If you talk skeptically about something, you express doubt about whether it is true.
discouraged- If something discouraged you, it made you believe that things were not going to turn out as you had hoped.
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