Lesson 17

Lesson 17
Just Like Me edited by Harriet Rohmer

Reading Skill: Fact and Opinion
Genre: Autobiographies
Grammar Skill: Subject and Object Pronouns
Spelling Skill: Words with Ending /r/

Spelling Words: lunar, cellar, collar, corner, danger, director, doctor, dollar, tinker, finger, honor, horror, labor, master, motor, ancestor, checkers, power, regular, sugar
Challenge Words: contractor, cellular, hamburger, pasture, inventor

Vocabulary Words and Example of Usage
ancestors-The people who came before you in your family are your ancestors.
brilliant- Things that are brilliant are very bright, and often shiny.
exotic- Something exotic is unusual and interesting because it came from a faraway place.
graceful - If a person is graceful, he or she moves in a smooth way that is nice to look at.
mischievous- Someone who is mischievous likes to play tricks on other people.
participate- If you participate in a game, you are involved in it.
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