Lesson 18

Lesson 18
Hewitt Andersonís Great Big Life By Jerdine Nolen

Reading Skill: Theme
Genre: Fairy Tale
Grammar Skill: Adjectives and Articles
Spelling Skill: Words Parts over-, under-, sub-

Spelling Words: overactive, overbite, overboard, overdrive, overestimate, overhand, overheat, overpass, overreact, underline, underbrush, underdeveloped, undergo, underhand, underpass, underscore, underwater, submarine, subway, overact
Challenge Words: undertow, overlook, overwhelmed, subcommittee, subarctic

Vocabulary Words and Example of Usage
bountiful -If you had a bountiful amount of something,  you would have a lot of it.
vast- Something that is vast is so wide it would be hard to get across it.
stature - A personís stature is his or her height.
relentless- Someone who is relentless is trying to do something, keeps at it and refuses to give up.
roused-  If you roused someone, you wake up or alerted that person.
resourceful- A resourceful person is good at finding ways to solve problems.
intentions - Intentions are ideas about what a person means to do.
inadvertently -If you do something inadvertently, you do it without meaning to.
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