Lesson 2

Lesson 2
“Mighty Jackie: The Strike-Out Queen” By Marissa Moss

Reading Skill: Character’s Traits and Motivations
Genre: Biography
Grammar Skill: Imperative and Exclamatory Sentences: Interjections
Spelling Skill: Words with Long Vowels and Vowel Digraphs

Spelling Words: cheese, heel, season, boast, chief, gape, aim, brain, fluke,
crayon, eagle, throw, rose, student, goal, woke, ripen, cube, rainbow, scrape,
Challenge Words: teenage, obedience, bowling, league, migraine

Vocabulary Words and Example of Usage
legendary – Someone legendary is especially famous for something he or she
did a long time ago.
muttered – If you muttered, you said something very quietly because you did not want to be heard.
gaped – If you gaped at something, you stared open-mouthed in surprise.
flinched – If a person flinched, he or she quickly moved away from something
dangerous or painful.
snickering – Snickering at someone is like laughing quietly at them because they did something silly.
glared – If you glared at someone, you stared at them in an angry way.
stunned – When someone is stunned by something amazing, he or she is
shocked and sometimes even speechless.
fluke – A fluke is something unusual that happens by accident.
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