Lesson 3

Lesson 3
“Danitra Brown Leaves Town” By Nikki Grimes

Reading Skill: Compare and Contrast
Genre: Narrative Poem
Grammar Skill: Subjects and Predicates
Spelling Skill: Words with Variant Vowels and Diphthongs

Spelling Words: toil, faucet, boyhood, choice, dawn, awful, foist, daughter,
flaw, annoyed, royal, allow, destroy, blew, spoon, shampoo, brown, renew,
wooden, auction,
Challenge Words: boulevard, browse, cashew, moonbeam, laundry

Vocabulary Words and Example of Usage
surrender – When you surrender, you stop fighting something or someone.
particular – Something that is particular is one specific thing of its kind.
sparkling – Something that is sparkling is shining, clear, and bright.
clusters – Cluster are small groups of people or things that are close together.
sizzles – If something sizzles, it is very hot and makes a hissing sound.
stroll – To stroll is to walk in a slow, relaxed way.
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