Lesson 4

Lesson 4
“Kai’s Journey to Gold Mountain” By Katrina Saltonstall Currier

Reading Skill: Compare and Contrast
Genre: Historical Fiction
Grammar Skill: Complete and Simple Subjects and Predicates
Spelling Skill: Words with inflections –ed and -ing

Spelling Words: counting, craned, seemed, burned, chopped, cracked, begged,
moving, slipped, sailing, trimmed, shopping, returned, watching, pushed,
visited, cringed, screamed, scratching, flapping
Challenge Words: hovered, grabbed, realizing, accusing, nudged

Vocabulary Words and Example of Usage
averted - If you averted your eyes, you looked away from something instead of
directly at it.
fury – Fury is extremely strong anger.
interrogation – An interrogation is a long period of intense questioning to get
information from someone.
stern – Someone who is stern is very serious and strict.
accusing – When you look at someone in an accusing way, you are showing that you think he or she has done something wrong.
solemnly – When you say something solemnly, you said it in a very serious
cringed - If you cringed, you moved or flinched slightly because of discomfort
or fear.
craned – If you craned your neck, you stretched it to let you see or hear
something better.
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