Lesson 5

Lesson 5
“Pedro Puts On a Play”

Reading Skill: Character’s Traits & Motivations; Compare and Contrast
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Grammar Skill: Declarative and Interrogative Sentences; Imperative and Exclamatory
Sentences: Interjections; Subjects and Predicates; Complete and Simple
Subjects and Predicates
Spelling Skill: REVIEW: Words with Short Vowels & Vowel Digraphs;
Words with Long Vowels & Vowel Digraphs; Words with Variant Vowels
& Diphthongs; Words with inflections –ed and -ing

Spelling Words: REVIEW: tread, broad, split, chief, season, brain, throw,
goal, scrape, choice, allow, auction, flaw, daughter, destroy, renew, boyhood,
returned, chopped, counting

Vocabulary Words and Example of Usage
culinary - Culinary skills or tools are related to cooking.
downcast – Someone who is downcast is feeling sad and has no hope.
consternation – Someone who feels consternation is upset or worried about what is happening.
vivid – Something that is vivid has very bright colors.
extensive – Something extensive includes a large amount of things.
serenely – If something is done serenely, it is done in a calm and quiet way.
reminiscent – If something is reminiscent of something else, it brings back
memories of that other time or place.
pensive – Someone who is pensive is thinking deeply about something.
recruit – When you recruit someone, you get him or her to join a group for a
special purpose.
commenced – Something that has commenced has begun.
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