Lesson 7

Lesson 7
Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World By Mildred Pitts Walter

Reading Skill: Conflict and Resolution
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Grammar Skill: Simple and Compound Sentences
Spelling Skill: Words with VCCV: Same Medial Consonants

Spelling Words: letter, ladder, appear, lesson, soccer, classic, hollow, supper, accent, pizza, officer, lettuce, better, slipper, bottom, ribbon, summer, college, occur, rabbit
Challenge Words: lullaby, hurriedly, happiness, scattered, issue

Vocabulary Words and Example of Usage
reluctant - If someone is reluctant to do something, he or she does not want to do it.
rumpled -Something is rumpled if it is wrinkled or messy.
surge- If you feel a surge of a particular feeling, you feel it suddenly and very strongly.
inspecting- Someone who is inspecting something is looking at it very carefully.
taut- Something that is taut has been stretched or pulled very tightly.
untangled - If you untangled something, you untied knots in it or straightened it if it was twisted.
resounded- If a place resounded, then it became filled with sound.
lurked - If something lurked somewhere, it waited there quietly hidden, usually before doing something bad.
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