Lesson 9

Lesson 9
“Weaving a California Tradition” By Linda Yamane

Reading Skill:  Author’s Purpose and Perspective
Genre: Expository Non-Fiction (gives information about a topic)
Grammar Skill: Clauses and Phrases; Complex Sentences
Spelling Skill: Words with VCCCV

Spelling Words: monster, complete, hundred, instead, sandwich, surprise,
applause, although, conflict, mattress, purchase, merchant, pumpkin, angry
Thursday, ostrich, punctual, address, chestnut, luncheon
Challenge Words: implication, enterprise, comprehend, bolster, mongrel

Vocabulary Words and Example of Usage
unique – Something is unique if it is the only one of its kind.
infest – If insects or animals infest a place, they are there in large numbers and
usually cause damage.
intervals – Something that happens at regular intervals is repeated over and over with a certain amount of time in between.
delicate – If something is done in a delicate way, it is done with great care so
that nothing is broken or hurt.
flexible – Something is flexible if it can bend or be bent easily.
bond – A bond is a feeling or interest that unites two or more people or groups.
inspires – If something inspires you, it makes you excited about doing
something good.
preserve – To preserve something is to keep it from being harmed or changed.
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